Yoga Therapy for Male Sexual Problems

imagesYoga is very effective method to treat health problems and this fact is even proven millions of time but do you know that yoga is also useful for those males who are having any kind of sexual issue. With the help of yoga therapy, particularly, using some yoga postures along with breathing exercises a person can get rid of many incurable and sometimes terminable diseases. Following mentioned are some of the Yoga therapies for some problems like gamophobia, premature ejaculation and some others.

Premature Ejaculation– For treating premature ejaculation, many yoga practitioners has prescribes some breathing exercises. That should be accompanied by naturopathy and meditation. Pranayamas or breathing exercises that are recommended given below:

Three step breathing– It is also known with name Dirga Pranayama. A man can practice only 5 minutes to stay away from the problem.

Alternate nostril breathing- Another name of this yoga is Anuloma-Viloma. Duration of this pranayama should be 10 minutes.

Meditation- Meditation is the best way to get rid of all tensions and problems. Also, it works very effectively in case of having any sexual disorder. One should focus on the breathing while practicing meditation. For practice, you have to first concentrate on your breathe. Also, be aware of the temperature along with tempo. All the time, keep your breathing absolutely equalized. That mean you have to inhale for 5 sec and then exhale for next 5 seconds.

Impotence– In case of having Impotency a person can practice some of the yoga poses and these are: Sun Salutation, Pawanmuktasana which is also known with Wind relieving Pose, Anal lifts, Abdominal Lifts, Bhujangasanas (Cobra Pose), Halasanas (Plough Pose) and Sarvangasanas (Shoulder Stand). There are some more yoga therapies for the treatment of impotence and that are breathing exercises (Pranayama), Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma-Viloma) followed  by Bellow Breathing (Bhastrika).

Gamobhopia- Gamophobia is made with the terms Gamos that means marriage and phobia which means irrational and deep seated fear. So, after combining both gamophobia means irrational fear of marriage. As the name suggests a person suffering from this disorder has a unique fear of getting married. He/she get anxious when ever thought of marriage. The person is even not feeling comfortable to make intimate relationship with the person of opposite sex. Patient also doesn’t want to meet his better half but some yogas are here that can make a person comfortable of making relation with his life partner. For this specific case, meditation works best as it helps the person to be relax and keep all the anxiousness away.

Important Tips– To get best benefits of the entire yoga therapies one should practice them two times a day. Also, before practice place a towel folded under the spine which was soaked in cold water. The temperature of the towel should be around 15-25 degree Celsius. At night one has to apply blue oil from the top to the end of the tail bone to 2-4 inches upwards on the spine itself. Increase the amount of water intake as one has to drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day. One should also take care of diet as man has to take healthy diet. Diet should be less spicy. No need to consume food in excess. Try to keep a distance from non-veg food.

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