Ways to Boost Your Metabolism without Exercise

Ways to Boost Your MetabolismMetabolism is a natural way by which our body burns the energy which we get from food and it also help us to maintain our self. Basic Metabolism Rate (BMR) is that energy amount which body consume when the body is at rest. This rate varies as different factors like gender, age, activity level, genetics and many more affects it. People who are suffering from thyroid problems may also suffer with either increased or decreased metabolism.

Metabolism is a natural process and you can trick the body to burn some extra calories. Simply, it is training your body to boost up the metabolism. If your metabolism rate is high, then clearly it gives way to weight loss. Those who wish to look slimmer must stop dieting and other harmful ideas and try hard to boost up the metabolism. It not only helps you to lose weight, but also make you fit as it maintains the overall health too. Here are some of the effective ways to boost the metabolism.

How to Boost Your Metabolism

Don’t Skip the Breakfast – Many people think that if they will not have breakfast they can easily lose their weight which is completely wrong. Never skip your breakfast as by this your body lowers the metabolism rate.  You have to eat a healthy, wholesome breakfast as it is also necessary after the long gap of 7-8 hours of sleeping. You have to take small but healthy dinner on the other hand. Its definitely not means that you have to skip your dinner or go empty stomach to bed as this can lower down the metabolism.

Have Healthy Snacks – Snacking is generally considered eating a burger or jump over junk foods. Try having snacks which have proteins and carbs in good amount. Some of the healthy snack options are: bananas, trail mixes, peanuts, low fat cheddar cheese, apple or pear.

Exercise – Exercise is the best way to keep you healthy. Aerobic exercises are one of the best possible ways to increase your metabolism. You have to exercise daily in the morning. You can do biking, walking, swimming, stair climbing for 30 minutes a day as these are simple but effective exercises. Muscle building and weight training exercises are also helpful exercise that can boost your metabolism. Try to practice exercises two times in a day. Workout in the morning and walk after having dinner is perfect idea that helps to boost your metabolism.

Foods That Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast

• Try to replace ordinary tea with green tea. Green tea is well known for its values to boost up the metabolism. Also, it’s devoid caffeine as well.

• Drink about 7-9 glasses of water in a day. Water helps to flush extra toxins out of the body and facilitates digestion. So, it increases the metabolism rate.

• Have fresh fruits rich in fiber like apples and pears. Also. Take vegetables and whole grains that help to burn extra calories.

• Have food rich in protein and reason is that the body needs extra time to digest proteins and it is a clear indication of burning of calories.

• Calcium is also helpful nutrient that helps to speed up the metabolism. Milk is the best source of dietary calcium. So, drink at least one glass of milk daily.

• Keep yourself away from alcohol as it lower down the metabolism and tends to stimulate the appetite.

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