Urahkshata or Pyothorax

Collection of pus in the thoracic cavity is known as urahkshata. It is generally known as Thoracic cavity is also known as chest cavity. Its diagnosis is confirmed when the chest is tapped with the needle and pus is obtained from inside of chest cavity. The pus is generally cultured to get a better treatment and to know what kind of organism is present and thus which kind of antibiotics are more helpful.

Aetiology: The chest lesion of the serious urahkshata disease is produced by excessive drawing of the bow, heavy weight lifting, wrestling with stronger opponents, falling from a height on an uneven surface, trying to stop a running bull, attempting to kill others by throwing a rock, riding extremely long distances, swimming across big rivers, taking sudden long jumps, dancing with quick movements, being severely injured while performing similar violent actions and taking dry and deficient diet.

Clinical Features:

a) There is an extreme splitting or stabbing type of pain in the chest.
b) Catching pain the flanks.
c) Tremors
d) Gradual loss of vitality, strength, complexion, appetite and digestive capacity
e) Fever
f) Distress
g) Mental Depression
h) Loose stools
i) Failure of digestive system
j) Patient repeatedly brings out large quantities of putrefied, blackish, foul smelling, yellow and clotted expectoration along with blood while coughing.
k) The patient with his chest lesions also suffers from severe consumption due to the depletion of the semen and loss of the vitality.

Prodromal Features:

The prodromal signs of this disease are similar to those in a less manifested form.


The condition is curable when the clinical manifestations are mild, appetite is good, general condition of the patient is satisfactory and the disease is of recent origin. If it is one year old, it is curable but if all the clinical features mentioned above are present, the patient should be discarded.

Treatment: Proper and Earliest treatment is must for urakhsata patient. Proper Rest and medication can permanently cure the Problem with in two weeks or so. Antibiotics or Ayurvedic medicines are easily available for the treatment of urakshata or pyothorax.

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