Treating Cuts and Scrapes at Home

indexA cut in the kitchen, a fall in the stairs, a machine in the factory, harmless looking stationery tool anything could cause a cut or scrapes. Cuts or scrapes are one of the most commonly experienced problems and as a result home remedies are often resorted to while dealing with them. Cuts and scrapes are breaks in the skin and can be painful. Deeper cuts tend to bleed which could even be profuse and tend to restrict movements.  Cuts and scrapes can become infected and because of this reason they need to be taken care of well. Cuts and scrapes can leave a mark and hence when these are on the face they should be dealt with care. For properly healing deeper cuts may need stitches for proper healing. If the cuts are deep and are bleeding it is best to consult your doctor.

Home Remedies for dealing with cuts and scrapes: It is important that the cut be washed at the first instance itself. An ice pack should be applied on the wound to control bleeding. Once that is done loosely bandage the cut. Bandaging the cut protects it from dust. Once that is done one can resort to some home remedies.

  • Application of crushed garlic or turmeric on the wound Turmeric can be applied on the cut. Both turmeric and garlic prevents spread of infection and promotes healing.
  • For reducing swelling around the cut application of Chamomile flower works well.
  • Application of yarrow on the cut helps blood to clot quickly.
  • Aloe gel or cutting a part of aloe leave and rubbing it on the cut or scrape helps fasten the healing process.

The cuts tend to heal within 3 to 4 weeks. For this period it is recommended that the area around the wound be kept moist. Coconut oil can be applied on the area around. This will also help to lessen the scar.

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