Symptoms of Menopause

imagesFollowing mentioned are some of the signs and symptoms that will help you in the condition.

Symptoms of Menopause Hot Flashes– This is the most frequent symptom of menopause and almost every lady who is going from menopause has faced the situation. Lady feels sudden heat strokes in the upper part of the body and it can be notify by the redness in the neck and the face area. It is actually the reaction of the body against the less supply of estrogen hormones. When the flashes decrease gradually, lady complains of few hot flashes but when woman stop producing estrogen suddenly, hot flashes turn out to be a roller coaster ride.

Irregular Periods- Lady who is at the stage of menopause faces the menstrual irregularities. Menstrual cycle misses some time and goes shorter as it occurs every 24 days in place of 28 days but in some cases it also goes larger as a lady has menstruation in 2-3 months. Also, pattern of bleeding is not normal. This irregularity is commonly observed in the mid 40s woman who are stepping towards the stage of menopause.

Night Sweats– Night sweats vary from case to case as it can be either mild or be severe but it disappears after few years of menopause. It is called nocturnal hyperhydrosis in the medical terms. It is a common perspiration disorder and at that time woman suddenly wakes up in midnight and find it very difficult to fall asleep again. So, obviously complains of tiredness and un-refreshing mornings.

Loss of Libido- Hormonal changes gives way to changes in sexual life too. As the estrogen level reduces, the vagina goes drier and takes time to get lubricated. Woman also gets trouble in getting aroused. Also, in some cases, women go more active in sexual activities because now there is no risk of getting pregnant.

Dryness in Vagina- Vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. The soft and moist feeling lost in the vaginal area as the tissues starts less elastic and getting thin. Women also face problems during intercourse like pain and discomfort. Also, it causes discomfort, irritation, vaginal itching or severe infections.

Weight Gain- It is another sign of menopause. Some of the recent researches said that there is no relation between the gain in weight and in menopause but generally observed in the ladies going through menopause. Researches also say that it happens to the ladies who are getting aged and their metabolism is reducing.

Mood Swings- Most of the women complains of mood swings but it varies intensely. Even in some cases, women experience clinical depression and anxiety but can be treated with medical prescription. Also, exhaustion is a common sign during menopause and so it becomes very hard to get rest due to interrupted sleep and night sweats. Less sleep gives way to irritation and thus, mood swings invited automatically.

Breast Pain- Women complains of tender breasts, pain, and soreness in one or in both breasts before or during menstrual periods. Even these signs are possible during pregnancy, menopause, and breastfeeding as well. It can lead to discomfort and pain on touching or applying pressure to the breasts. Also, the signs go lessen with the time but if persist for about two months then should take medical attention.

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