Skin Allergies

A skin is perfect which is free from all germs and infections, but if you have irritated skin, then it is a cause of trouble. Chafing of the skin occurs in moisturized area. Some of the moist areas of the body are buttocks or under arm area. Different kinds are available in the market and that can cause skin reactions. Small babies also face the problem of skin rash even because of urination or sometimes it occurs due to coloring material used in the clothes.

Actually allergies are hypersensitive responses of the immune system to relatively harmless environmental antigens. Some kids also face the problem of diaper rash. Diaper rash usually takes place due to chemical irritation due to some germs that are present in baby’s stool.

Some conditions like hay fever and sinusitis are also aggravated by the presence of germs in the tissues of throat and nose. Eating foods that are stung by insects can also trigger allergic reaction in sensitive people. Some of the most common disorders are hay fever, eczema, hives and asthma. Some of the causes of skin allergies are nutritional deficiencies, chemicals in the food chain due to preservatives, imbalanced diet and chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth.

Itching is also a kind of allergy and we tried to relief this unpleasant condition by scratching. Mild itching is very common, but if the condition is persistent and troublesome then the problem could be serious. It can produce swelling in the skin and have also deep scratch marks. Small ulcers can also be there where germs have found the way that can be even more problematic.

In general terms, skin allergies are hypersensitive to any foreign particle or the other. Every person has another kind of tolerance to the foreign bodies. In case, a person is not able to adjust with the items of the surroundings, then he may face skin problems which are called skin allergies.

Here is a way by which you can determine that your skin have any kind of allergy or not. If you are having skin problem with an item by which another person is completely safe then it is an allergic reaction. As an example, many people in their day to day life face the dust, but few of them affects with that in a strong way and in short the condition can be described as allergic to dust. A person having skin allergy could have itching, rashes, boils, eruptions, dry and scaly skin. Some of the most common types of skin allergies are mentioned below:

Hives- It is fluid accumulation in the skin which shows up as swelling. This is a kind of temporary condition and if right treatment used could be healed. It is also known with the name urticaria.

Dermatitis- Dermatitis is a skin allergy which can be caused due to contact with some substances. It is also shown as inflammation.

Prickly Heat- One who has the problem has red rashes on the body. Prickly heat is generally caused due to excessive perspiration due to humid or in hot climates.

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