Sexual Dysfunction in Women

indexWhenever there is a problem related to sex then in the language of doctors it is “Sexual Dysfunction”.  Any person of any sex can have this problem.

There are 4 kinds of sexual problems found in women and that are mentioned following:

• Arousal Disorders- Many a time a lady becomes unable to get sexual response in the body or in other words it is said that she can’t stay sexually aroused.

• Sexual Pain Disorders– While performing the sex if have a feeling of pain or in some cases if you feel pain after having sex.

• Desire Disorders- If you are not interested in having sex or even very less desire to do sexual performance then it is clear that you have desire disorders.

• Orgasmic Disorders- If a lady either not has an orgasm or feels pain during orgasm then it is called orgasmic disorders.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction A lot of things are responsible to create problem in your sexual life. Some of the oral contraceptives or chemotherapy drugs can give way to the problems. Even some of the diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are also responsible for the problem. Those who are addicted to the excessive alcohol can have the problem. Some of the vaginal infections can also lead sexual dysfunction in women. Some other reasons are depression, problems in relationship or even abuse can also cause the sexual dysfunction in women. Some ladies during pregnancy, after childbirth or at the time of breastfeeding have less sexual desire. In some cases, after menopause women feel very less desire for having sex. Also, can also face vaginal dryness or feel pain during sex because of decrease in estrogen which is a hormone in the body. A stressed lady is also unable to perform sexual tasks better. After a long tiring day there is no desire left for sex some times.

How to Diagnose? There are huge numbers of people who face problems in their sexual life once in their life. Most of the women feel bored or fed up with sex at some point of their life but it is not that you are having any of the sexual problems. If you are not feeling good or don’t want to have sex then it is a subject to matter. Now, at that time you have to consult with your doctor. Then, he can tell you what kind of problem you have and what are the precautionary measures that you must have.

What to do? If you think that you have a desire problem, and then do one thing, you have to make changes in your usual routines. You can also try to have sex at different time of the day. To try another position can also be fun. If you have arousal disorders then here are things that can help you. You can use sexual lubricant for dryness or also use a vaginal cream. Those who are going through the menopause then you need to consult with doctor and take estrogen or even can use an estrogen cream. Those who have orgasmic problem can have problem of not having enough foreplay or stimulation before intercourse.

Then at that time extra stimulation with a vibrator proves helpful. You have to rub or stimulate for up to an hour before having the sex. Many women don’t want orgasm while intercourse but if you want then you has to gently stroke the clitoris. Also, at that time masturbation can also prove helpful and the reason is that it makes you ale to get what are the techniques which are better for you. People who have pain while sex have to try new positions of sex. When you are on top, you have controlled over penetration and also movement. Also, you have to empty your bladder before intercourse. You can also use extra lubrication or even take a warm bath before sex. If all the methods not provide you any relief then you have to consult the doctor.

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