Safe Sex During Pregnancy

imagesAre you pregnant or even planning a pregnancy, you will definitely have tons of information about sex before pregnancy as it can help you to conceive. Also, lots of information can also be collected after having baby but you will be surprised to know that there is very less information for the sex during pregnancy and the reason behind that is our Indian culture and mentality. It is believed that a mother has not to do sex as it is not safe for the baby and the mother as well. You needn’t to worry if you have questions in mind about the sex during pregnancy as sex is normal for most of couples during pregnancy. For that you have to look for the facts that are connected with it as your sex life will not be normal and open communication with partner is the way to have safe and successful sex at that time. Lots of questions aroused in the minds of couples at the time. Some of the common ones are:

Is sex Safe during pregnancy? If the pregnancy is normal then during the all stages of pregnancy, sex is safe. Now, this thing which comes in your mind is what is “normal pregnancy”? So, the answer is if you are having pregnancy which has very less signs of complications like miscarriage or pre term labor then you can safely have sex. To get that information you must consult with your gynecologist, pregnancy health care provider or nurse-midwife. Also, it is not necessary for you to have sex at that time as it totally depends over your desire for sex fluctuates at different stages of pregnancy. Many women have very less desire for sex at the time as the body becomes bigger and even in some rare cases ladies become active for sex. The main thing is that you must not put pressure on your belly in any way so for that you can use some alternatives like hugging, kissing, caressing etc.

What is not safe? You mustn’t do some sexual behavior as it can prove unsafe for both mom and baby. You needn’t to do sex with the partner if he is having history of STD like genital warts, herpes, Chlamydia or HIV AIDS. Reason is that you can be infected with the same and the infection can travel to your baby also. Next thing is that if you are having oral sex your partner should not blow air into your vagina, it can further cause air embolism (A blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble) and can be fatal for baby and mom.

Also, if the expected mum having the complications then mother should not indulge in sexual activities and some of them are a history of having miscarriage, signs or risk of preterm labor, even history of pre term labor, vaginal bleeding, discharge or cramping, leakage of amniotic fluid, placenta is low that increases the risk of opening of the uterus. Some other risk factors are if have incompetent cervix, risk of miscarriage or premature delivery, having multiple fetuses like twins or triplets.

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