Poor Diet During Pregnancy Makes Child Unhealthy

imagesPregnancy is a period where a lady needs excessive care and if that time lady is not taking proper healthy food then there is a chance that her child will be unhealthy. Some of the diseases that a child can be caught are mentioned below:

Diabetes- Even a recent research said that poor diet during pregnancy can increase the risk of development of diabetes in her child. Some British researchers found a gene in rats that could be altered in the womb if having poor diet. Also, they said that protein deficient diet could give way to type-2 diabetes. They also said that similar mechanism could also occur in human body as if they mother is not taking good diet in later it can result in diabetes.

Heart disease– Also, healthy pregnancy plays important role in shaping the health of child, also if the mother is healthy then there is lessen risk of development of heart risks as well. So, the mother should have a healthy and well balanced diet. On the other hand, women who are taking junk foods like muffins, biscuits, crisps, doughnuts and sweets during pregnancy and lactation have high fat has baby who have high levels of cholesterol and increased heart risk because of the fats in the bloodstream.

Consequences of poor diet– Poor dietary habits put adverse effects over the unborn child. It also results in the problems like anemia, mood swings, leg cramps, pre-eclampsia, fatigue and constipation. Nothing to lose weight should be taken at the pregnancy period by the mother. A study proves that 95% mothers who have taken balanced diet during pregnancy had healthy babies. The rest 5% who haven’t healthy babies must have family history of medical disease. Ladies who eat excess of junk food during pregnancy have only 8% of junk food and 65% of them have premature babies. Also, babies can be functionally immature, malnourished or stillborn babies.

What to eat? Pregnant lady must have nutritious and well balanced diet for not only for her health but also for the well being of fetus. For a healthy pregnancy one must have higher calories than normal. Also, amount of vitamins and minerals like folic acid and iron should be more than normal lady. Diet should not have excess carbs and harmful trans- fat and for the purpose you have to limit the intake of junk food. A healthy pregnancy diet must have three servings which includes protein rich food and two servings of foods like iron, calcium and Vitamin C. Three servings of green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits should also be the part of diet chart. Whole grains and complex carbohydrates must be the part of diet. Not only diet but the timing of the diet is also necessary. It must happen the mother is not feeling hungry but her baby needs food after the gap of four hours. Avoidable food- pregnant lady should maintain a distance from alcohol and smoking.

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