Overeating Pregnant Ladies Can Give Birth to Obese Child

Obesity has become one of the major problems facing the people now a day. The problem become severe if the mom is obese then there are chances that child will also be obese but if mom continue overeating then chances become high that child is obese too.

Many pregnant ladies if gain too much weight then they have big babies. There are lot of studies conducted over this issue and some of them focused over women who are going to give birth to their second child as here is the possibility of passing the genes onto their babies.

More than 513,000 women and also 1.1 million infants were the part of studies and then scientists found that ladies who gain about 24kgs more weight at the time of their pregnancy have a baby of more weight as compared to ladies who gain 10 kilogram weight at the time of their pregnancy.

Thus, here is a conclusion that you have to take steps to prevent the problem. To get rid of obesity needs many efforts. Some people think that obesity can be cured just by starvation which is not true. For losing some weight one have to make changes in their lifestyle an also control the diet. It is difficult for pregnant lady to make changes in diet and also have less food but remember it is difficult but not impossible. Also, a mother can even do some things for the health of her child.

In American one out of every three ladies are suffering from the problem of obesity. Also, they have gain in their weight more than their doctors recommend. As a result ladies have obese child and these child have many health risks and that can have liver problems. Also, big babies are at the higher risk of having allergies, asthma and even cancer.

Large babies are more likely to get stuck in birth canal and hence there is a need of cesarean section.

Not only diet and lifestyle is what that make the pregnant lady obese but there are some other reasons too which make a lady obese that if the pregnant lady has complications like high blood pressure of have diabetes then it can add some extra pounds to the baby’s weight. If the lady does overeating then the extra calories a lady is consuming can also over stimulate the growth of fetus.

Fetus is developing in the abnormal metabolic environment where more blood sugar is then it is possible that it could make alteration in developing tissues, organs and even wiring of brain which is the regulator of appetite and metabolism.

Also, a pregnant lady who is going obese must take steps to prevent obesity and for that one has to have healthy diet and do exercise. As it is well known pregnancy is period where one has to take care of the lady very much. So, diet and exercise what you are going to try take under the observation of your doctor. Don’t have food by which you are allergic. Also, try to practice light exercise. Like walk. 30-40 minute walk a day is very good. Also, break you food in small proportion. Have food after small gaps.

Here the tips. Follow them and have a healthy baby.

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