Jojoba Oil Uses and Health Benefits for Skin and Hair

jojoba oil benefitsJojoba oil is golden colored liquid wax and odorless oil; it is produced from the seeds of Jojoba plant. It is non- allergic oil. It provides so many health benefits for skin and hair.

Amazing Beauty Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is rich with Silicon, Zinc, and Vitamin E and copper. It is also loaded with Vitamin B complex. Some of the important ones are given below:

1. Jojoba oil provides great luster to your hair. If you are suffering from the frizzy hair, then the regular massage with the oil restores the health of hair. If the scalp is dry and has flaked over it, then the usage of the oil over that area wonderfully works as a moisturizer. For that you have to mix jojoba oil in your regular moisturizer and then apply over hair. It will provide moisture to the hair.

2. If you are suffering from dry and chapped lips, then a little application of jojoba oil over the lips provides you kissable lips as it is a great lip balm.

3. Jojoba oil has antimicrobial properties and so it prevents the fungal growth and bacterial infection over the skin.

4. It is also a great moisturizer for the skin. The wax esters in Jojoba help to make the skin wrinkle free and so you can have glowing and youthful skin.

5. For having healthy hair you can apply jojoba oil to the scalp and massage it well with the help of the finger tips for some minutes before going to bed. Wash the hair with mild shampoo next morning. After continuous usage of some time you will definitely have healthy as well as moisturized hair.

6. Jojoba oil is used to treat wounds, sunburns and warts since years because of its antibacterial properties. Even now, if the skin has any kind of cold sores, warts or sunburns then you can apply the jojoba oil directly to the affected skin. After a week you will find yourself free from all of the problems.

7. It also works as cleansing milk and so you can use it to remove your skin and eye makeup.

8. Jojoba oil also helps to develop new hair cell growth. When the hair becomes dry then it gives way to hair fall but jojoba oil can solve the problem for you.

9. Jojoba oil is helpful to remove scars from the skin. For that applies a little over the scar in the night before going to bed and wash the area next morning.

Drawbacks of Jojoba Oil

1. Organic form of oil is a bit expensive and that is why it is far from the reach of common people.

2. The excess amount of oil can even drag the shine from the hair. So, apply just 6 drops of oil in one time.

3. It is true that the oil is non greasy, but never apply that directly over the scalp or on hair as it can invite dirt. You have to apply that after mixing it with your regular shampoo or moisturizer.

4. If you are having sensitive skin, then you must consult with a doctor before using the oil.

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