Ideal Summer Workouts

imagesYou can be in shape this summer with a hot new workout regime. If you want to get rid of extra flab which is gained during the long months of winter then try some summer workouts. You know that sun can take a toll on the body and so you have to try indoor exercise so that sun can’t harm your skin. Also, by this way you can avoid getting heat stroke or can hydrate longer.

Exercises– You knows summer is the time when you want to spend more and more time in water. So, swimming is a great exercise option at that time. You can go for swim around in the pool as long you can. Even a well known fitness expert said that as indoor exercises you can try aerobics, gym and yoga. It also saves you from scorching summer. Water aerobics also proves fun along with providing benefits. This is also a wonderful workout option for cardiovascular system. You can be socially interactive by doing these exercises as you exercise in groups.

Diet– We feel dehydrated during summer season and so we jump over drinks at this time. So, we have to take light diet. Avoid eating fried foods and heavy meals. Try cabbage, broccoli and different salads as dietary options. You take liquid in summers which provide you one more benefit that you stay hydrated for longer. You can also opt for some of the cool drinks like iced tea in place of aerated drinks.

Fruits- You can eat a mango daily and include food items having carbohydrates in dinner.

Massage- You has to take a gentle massage from a therapist as it also helps to tone the body.

Easy Workouts– You must follow easy workout schedule in summer as due to hot and humid atmosphere one already feels tired and drained out after hard day’s work. You can reduce the workout schedule to three times a week in place of trying it daily but this restriction not applied over the water exercises or aerobics. Trekking is also a wonderful workout which helps to burn fat easily. During your summer vacation, you can go to mountains as it is the best workout location also it usually stays cool in hilly terrain. When you gain altitude, you may notice temperature drop.

Workouts could get tedious for models in summer season as they have to move constantly. So, they have to make their workout session a bit lighter. Restrict the cardio and weight training to 3-4 times a week in place of doing it daily. Outdoor exercise on the beach like some games of volleyball or a simple brisk walk on the beach is a wonderful workout. You know sand over the beach provides you extra resistance that a treadmill fails to. So, walk over the sand barefooted as it would prove beneficial for the calves. You can also try deep breathing, meditation or stretching over the beach. So, go ahead and say bye to your hard gym routine as now you are replacing it with fun summer workouts.

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