How to Get Rid of Stress Fat and Tips to Prevent

best way to get rid of stress fatIt is said that stress is a fact of life, but from last some time it is known as fat of life. People who are taking healthy food and doing exercise regularly are unable to lose weight if they are having stress, but in fact it can add some of the pounds to the body. Our body make response to any of the activity same as it also make responses to the physical as well as psychological stress. So, when you are feeling stressed then the brain acts as though it is a symbol that you are in danger. Also, it instructs the cells to release potent hormones. Then you burst of adrenaline and that give way to store energy for fight or flee. In that way and the by the whole fighting process you loss lot of energy and as a result you become hungry.

This process of keeping on pumping out the cortisol and the stress continues. Even some studies conclude that when a person is stressed then he/she have craved of sweet, salty and also high fatty foods and the reason they stimulate the mind to release the pleasure chemicals which are meant to reduce tension. This soothing slowly and gradually changes its face to addiction and so when you feel stressed, you just attracted to the fatty foods and that make you obese.

Best Way to Get Rid Of Stress Fat

Power Out Some Push-ups – It is proven by many studies that when you move your muscles, then you get relief from the stress. The method fools the body as you are escaping the source of your stress. Also, when we do exercise, it circulates the blood in the whole body and it transports the cortisol to the kidney and also flushes them out from the system. Even a study said that if you walk for 18 minutes, even 3 times in a week, then it can help to lower the hormone’s level by 15%.

Go Slowly at Meals– When we feel stressed, we just attracted to food. Some studies have linked up this behavior to bigger portions and more belly fat. So, you have to eat by paying attention that you have eaten much and you are full. If this thing remains in your mind, then you will not more eat as even it is known for years that you eat first from your mind than from the mouth. By this way you can decrease the amount of food that you eat. Also, this shifts the distribution of fat away from the body also.

No Starvation or Dieting – Researches prove that constant dieting makes cortisol level high even by 18%. Also, when your cortisol level spike, then your blood sugar goes haywire at first rising and then plummeting. When your mind is deprived of the sugar, then it acts as a fuel and then if you have self confidence, then this self control takes a nosedive and you will successful in your task. So, you must have three healthy meals along with two healthy snacks.

Sleep Well – A study said that if you have about 61/2 hours slept every night, then there is a possibility that you have gained cortisol, appetite, stress and even fat. So, you have slept about 7-9 hours as it helps you to make you free from stressful condition and hence from fat.

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