Home Remedies for Premenstrual Problems

indexThere are a lot of problem which can affects the women and some of them are related to vaginal discharge, menstrual problems and many more. Problems related to menstruation are some of the main problems that affect the ladies or even girls. Menstruation is a condition when a young girl of age 9-12 take a step forward to puberty period or in simple language you can say when some of the sexual hormonal changes take place in the girl. When a girl grow up then her ovary have eggs and when these eggs become developed, it comes out from the vagina and it comes out in the form of bleeding.

The circle of menstruation is 28 days and in most of the ladies it stays for 5-7 days but when lady becomes pregnant then menstruation don’t happen until her delivery period. A lot of problems also related to menstruation and that are heavy bleeding, irregular periods, painful periods, gap between the periods and premenstrual cycle. There can be many reasons for this like stress, hormonal issues, depression, obesity and anemia but you don’t worry as along with problem there are solutions too. You have to avoid taking excess of medications as these can further result in some other health problems. In place of that you can find solution even from your kitchen.

Following mentioned are some of the home remedies for premenstrual problems. These remedies are safer as compared to pills. So take a look to the remedies:

Banana- Banana is a fruit which can prove helpful to reduce swelling. Also, it is rich in potassium. Potassium is must for balancing the proper secretion in the body. Also, there are some foods which are also rich in potassium like onions, tomatoes, figs, broccoli and potatoes.

Lifestyle Changes- Problem started even by your lifestyle so that first make some changes in the lifestyle so that it will help to deal with the problem. Don’t have a diet which is very spicy. Also, avoid having too cold and sour foods as it can provide you more pain.

Heating Pads- You can use the heating pads. With them you can heat up the areas around the stomach. Heating bags are easily available in the market. You can also you a bottle and for that you have fill hot water in a bottle and through it heat the area. This method is helpful to relief you from pain and stomach cramps which are main symptoms of menstruation.

Water- Water is best gift of god. It keeps you hydrated and flushes the extra toxins out of body. You have to consume good amount of water during premenstrual period. Also, try to avoid having cold water. If it is possible you have to drink lukewarm water which is the best one. Also, avoid taking alcoholic beverages or acidic beverages.

Ashoka Tree- The skin of ashoka tree is wonderful home remedy for menstruation pain. You have to collect some of the skin of ashoka tree. Now, make it dry and after that grind it well to get a fine powder. Now, you can have a spoon of this powder two times a day. It will help you relief the pain safely and early too.

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