Home Remedies for Black Eye – Get Rid Of A Black Eye

Home Remedies for Black EyeInvolved in a fight recently? Or bumped into something? Or played that boxing championship in your college? Whatever the reason is, a black eye cannot be hidden. It takes its time to heal yet you may speed up the healing by using some homemade remedies.

Black eyes are swelling of tissues around the eyes and the rush of blood towards that region which results in the discoloration. The eye itself is not affected in this phenomenon, but the tissues surrounding it surely are. This can be easily cured at home.

At Home Remedies For Black Eye:

Immediately after the injury one must apply an ice pack on the area. If ice pack is not available, one can apply a cold can of soft drink or beer. The ice pack is to be applied every 2 hours for the initial 24 hours. One can make an ice pack at home by mixing one part of alcohol with 3 parts of water and freezing it in a thick polythene bag. The frozen peas or corn bags can also be used as they are small and flexible for the eye sockets. Wrap a piece of cloth over it before applying. Ice fomentation helps reduce swelling and prevents blood vessels to rupture internally.

If you have a cut or a tear, tend to it first before applying the ice pack. Clean it with an antiseptic solution and bandage it or get it stitched by a medical practitioner if the cut is deep.

1. Avoid spicy food, alcohol and caffeine till swelling subsides.

2. Eat food rich in vitamin C like lemon, papaya, oranges, and mangoes to help speed up the recovery process. One may supplement also.

3. Take Vitamin K supplements as it helps reduce swelling.

4. Use sunglasses while going out to prevent straining of the eyes.

5. Drink lots of water and take ample rest till it heals. Use a pillow to help the blood flow and reduce strain on the eyes.

6. Using pads soaked in witch hazel also helps reduce the discoloration. Leave them overnight for best results.

7. Boil some Comfrey roots in water, strain and cool this mixture. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and apply to the eyes.

8. Hot water can be equally beneficial to reduce swelling. Dip a cotton ball in warm water, rig off the extra water and apply it over the affected region till it cools. Repeat for 10 minutes.

9. Gently massage the tissues around the eyes in a circular motion. This helps with blood flow.

10. Avoid working on the internet or watching television for a while. It puts a lot of undue strain on your eyes.

11. Apply cotton balls dipped in milk for 10 minutes on the eyes. Milk is rich in vitamin K, which helps reduce the swelling.

Black eye takes at least two weeks to heal. If it’s taking longer than this, please consult your doctor to rule out complications. You must immediately consult the doctor if you have blurred vision after the injury as well.

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