Get a Beautiful Back with Exercises

Backache is problem which is faced by most of the ladies around the world. There are lot of ointments are painkillers are used to get relief but what if you can be able to relief the pain and also have a beautiful back as a compliment. Many people consider beauty of a body with curves but it not only curves that help you to look beautiful but a stunning back is that make you look gorgeous. Also, beautiful and pain free back play important role to have perfectly sculpted body. Also, if you have a beautifully stunning back then only you can think of wearing backless dresses or a bikini. Also, if you are confident of what you wearing, then it can compliment your facial beauty too.

Beautiful back is what that every lady desire to have. So, what do you do if you want to have that? Relax, there is no hush as you can have a beautiful back with doing some of the simple exercises. Another thing is that many people don’t like to do exercises but you will surprised to know that these exercises will hardly take 10 minutes and give you mandatory results. What you have to do is to dedicate 10 minutes from your routine to these exercises. So, pull yourself together and do the following mentioned exercises.

Cobra- This particular exercise works best for lower back. For doing the exercise first lie on the floor and keep you r back facing up. After that slowly move the upper body in upside direction and at the same time keep the hands fixed to your sideways. Also, allow the abdomen to touch the floor. Hold for few seconds and then come in the exact position. In a slow manner lift your legs in upward direction and hold for next few seconds. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes in a day and as a result it will make you able to have beautiful back.

Exercise with Arms and Legs- Place both of your arms and knees on floor while keeping your hips hunched upwards. Slowly lift up your left arm and left leg, it gives a parallel position of arm and leg with back. Hold that position for few seconds. Now, came in original position. Try the same with other leg and arm.

Using Dumbbells- It is usual exercise that can be practiced with dumbbells and the main target of the exercise is upper back. For that hold the dumbbell in both hands and slowly move the elbows straight up to the shoulder level and then bring it down. Repeat the exercise for 5 minutes. People who don’t want to use both dumbbells can also use a single dumbbell. For that, place your leg over a bench and bend over and then rest one of the arms on the bench. With other arm move the dumbbell up to the upper arm reaches to the level of your waist and the lower arm is directed downwards.

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