Foods for Acne

Acne from so many times is viewed as an ailment of the teenage years, but about 80% of adults are facing the facial blemishes. So many factors are responsible for the same too, and some of the important ones are stress, nutritional deficiency, and liver and kidney issues. So, you must go on a special diet for acne. It will directly attack the root cause of acne, which can be harmful for the skin. Also, even if you will combine the different foods to treat acne then you can reach to the state of balance and health and so result is beautiful, clear skin.

What is Acne?

Acne is a very common skin disorder which has blemishes and skin inflammation and it can be in any form like it can be appeared as pimples, whiteheads or blackheads. It generally attacks the face, but can also be appeared over back, shoulder or chest. There are so many causes of acne but the main is hormonal imbalance.

Another cause of skin blemishes is build up of waste in the body. Two primary filtration organs in the body are liver and kidney and have to rely on the skin to remove toxins when they become unable to keep the pace of waste elimination. Dirt, pollution and grime also clog the pores of skin. But you need not to worry as the food remedies for acne can keep you away from the problem.

How to Control Oily skin?

You must eat a healthy diet specifically if you have oily skin. You must eat a diet rich in nutrients, water and fiber so the body has the chance to reach the state of equilibrium. What the body needs are the nutrition for renewal and proper function, fiber and water for cleansing.

Diet for Acne Prone skin

Diet for acne prone skin must include vitamin A, as this is a powerful antioxidant for skin tissue. Also, B complex vitamins are necessary for the skin because it helps to regulate the stress level and also it increases the circulation to the surface of skin. Another essential Vitamin is Vitamin C for skin as it is good for immune health and inflammation.

Vitamin E is good for repair and healing of skin tissues. So, in short we can say that a diet which is rich in vitamin, fiber and included with healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts are wonderful foods for acne. You can also reduce the acne with zinc rich foods like bean, soy, mushrooms and lime. Also, drink about 8-10 glasses of water in a day as it helps the body to flush out extra toxins from the body.

Foods to Avoid

A diet which includes foods that are difficult to digest like red meat, fries and oily foods, hydrogenated oils, fatty dairy foods and sugary foods leads to poor skin. One must have to keep a distance from alcohol, caffeine, butter, chocolates, cheese and high amount of seafood to keep away from acne.

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