Food that Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair loss is one of the most problematic issues that are not only faced by women but by men too. Following are list of some foods that help you to keep the scalp healthy and hairy.

Raisins- Iron is helpful to make hemoglobin in blood; it also carries oxygen to the other organs and tissues of the body. When your body has proper level of hemoglobin then oxygen is properly dispersed. This is a sign that your scalp is getting blood or blood flow is proper and it is a very good indication of hair growth. There are the things that you have to take care for example whenever there is any urge of eating sweet then you have to replace that with dried fruit raisin. They are fully loaded with iron. Also, cherry juice has good amount of iron. Some of the other food that have rich iron amount are leafy vegetables, eggs, dates and whole grain cereals. You need to consider the absorption of iron you have in. For that Vitamin C can help you as it has ability to absorb the iron. Some fruits you can take in which Vitamin C found in good amount and that are oranges, grapes, strawberries and also lemons.

Fishes and Eggs- Hair are mainly made up of protein. For those who want to have healthy hair and less hair loss, protein rich diet is must. If you think eating a steak daily is more than enough for you then you are completely wrong. Also, if your diet has high fatty content then it increase the testosterone which further can lead to loss of hair. For that you have to lean proteins like fish, calf’s liver, eggs, chicken, almonds, brewer’s yeast, low fat cheese, yogurt and beans. You can also use tofu and soy milk as the part of your dietary chart because they have rich amount of proteins and low in bad fats.

Seafood- People with zinc deficiencies also faces the problem of hair loss. Also, zinc is helpful in the functioning of body. It plays good role in producing cells and also for hormonal balance and both the factor also helpful for the hair growth too. Zinc is also helpful in managing the glands which are connected with the hair follicles. People who have less zinc in the body may feel weak. To tackle the problem you have to eat foods rich in zinc like red meats, nuts, poultry, oysters, shrimp and mussels but remember one thing that even the excessive of zinc can provide harm as it gives way to hair loss.

Potatoes- Greasy foods are worst culprits that give way to hair problems. If you have craving for fries and burger then you have make it at home by yourself. In place of adding potato fries you can make the bake potatoes. Also, you have to limit your intake of cold, sugary and also spicy foods. All the foods and drinks can tax the body and whenever the body fights with the unhealthy food, it makes mistake in its work as it can’t fight the problem from its peak level.

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