Facts and Fiction of Diet

imagesMany people all around the world are suffering from obesity and so that they go on some special diet to maintain the healthy body. To control the weight many people go on detox diet and also use some sauna belt which help to melt fat. Also, there are so many endless tricks that not only waste all your efforts but also put no effect over weight. The main culprit here is the lack of proper knowledge and confusion of what to choose and what not. Following mentioned are some of the facts and fictions about diet which help you to choose the right food for body.

Myth1- Munching on chips in the night time is not healthier as compared to munching chips in daytime.

Truth– To have a healthy body you must see your intake amount of calories and it is necessary for you to burn more calories than intake if you wanna lose weight. You must not take anything above your calorie requirement which is based on your age and weight and body type. Also, nutritionist suggest to not to have heavy and oily foods at night because at that time you do less physical activities and so temperature tends to dip, and thus to function properly, body needs less food. Also, if you will fall asleep right after eating, it will not aid digestion so have food at least 2 hours before sleeping.

Myth 2-Cold water has more calories as compared to Hot water.

Truth– The main thing is that water is the only substance which has zero calories. It doesn’t matter if you are having it hot or cold. To cool the body temperature between your workout regimens you have to drink cold water, otherwise there is no issues you can have any of the hot or cold water.

Myth3- The weighing scale is my ultimate fitness meter.

Truth– To approximate the weight, weighting scale is important but relying the weighing scale to decide you are fat or not is not right as you can’t judge with an attractive cover that the thing lies in it is good for you. Weight of the body is total of your body fat and lean body mass; you must understand the composition of your body.

Myth4- Strictly goes on boiled food as the fat is bad for your body.

Truth– Most of the people has heard about the zero fat diets and such kind of health schemes but is these schemes really worthy? Nutritionists completely negate the whole concept of zero fat diets and put them in category of fad diets. If your stomach is upset or you are recovering from heavy meal then at that time non spicy, boiled food can work but you can’t live on them. It is not necessary that always fats are bad even some fats are good too. Good fats aid in fighting infections and also maintain cell membrane. They also do some necessary task of body. The thing you can do is to modify the intake of fat in place of totally cut down from your diet.

Myth 5- Don’t mix cereals and pulses in your diet.

Truth- The truth is that when you combine pulses with cereals, it compensates the level of amino acids. Even the traditional Indian recipes balance the two ingredient so well that work good for the body also our body has ability that it can handle the mixture of different nutrients without any discomfort.

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