Facts about Exercise Sweat

indexWhenever we sweat much, it gives us the feeling that we have worked very hard. Also, it is thinking one who work hard achieve the goal of day’s fitness. It is not doubtful that sweating increases the fitness level; however, as it turns out there are so many factors about sweating during exercise or exercise sweat. Most of us are even unaware of the fact. Now, we will discuss so many surprising facts of different types of sweat glands. After that you will definitely remake your thinking of sweating related to exercise.

Do you know men and women sweat differently? Definitely, you will be surprised to know the fact but it’s absolutely true that men and women sweat in different patterns. An adult male produces about 4 times more sweat as compare to the woman of the same age. Recently, a research concludes that the men as compare to women are more effective sweaters during exercises. A woman sweats only if she exercises at high intensity. Some people think that this happens only due to evolutionary process and some thinks the reason is hormonal difference but reality is still unknown.

Sweating is influenced by heredity Sweating is largely influenced by genetically determined molecules which are also known with the name major his to compatibility complex. Because of these molecules, heredity effects different people’s ability and so they sweat in different way.

Increases sweating is Indication of Increased Fitness Many people think that if a person sweat more then he has reduces fitness level but the truth is quite the contrary. Person who sweats more is in a better fitness state compared to those who sweat lesser. The reason is who sweats more prevents the body from overheating. As the water from sweats evaporates from the body, it works as a cooling agent and prevents overheating.

Excessive sweating We sometimes attributes sweating to heavy clothing or change in weather but it indicates a deeper condition. The medical term of the condition is Hyperhidrosis, it is used to describe the excessive sweating in individuals with an over active sweat glands. People sweat for no apparent reason; sometime they started sweating even in a cool room. Majorly, palms, underarms, feet and face are some of the parts of the body who are affected by the hyperhidrosis. It also indicates some associated conditions like acromegaly, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer.

Antiperspirants should be applied at night Antiperspirants clog the sweat glands as soon as they came in contact with water and so they prevent sweating. It happens due to the presence of some compounds like zirconium and aluminum that are present in antiperspirants. If the products applied in morning after having bath or before going out then the aluminum in the antiperspirants react only superficially with sweat or water on the surface in place of in the pores. It also prevents the glands from blocking. On the other hand, if the antiperspirants applied at night it works more effectively as the sweat secretion is least at that time.

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