Eat Vegetable Diet to Have Daughter

indexYou will be surprised to read the above line but this is not myth and is even proved that pregnant women who have veggie diet during pregnancy give birth to baby girl. Even a team of Dutch scientists made a research and conclude after that ladies who are on fruit and vegetable diet give birth to a daughter. Research team said that women has more chances of giving birth to a daughter if she is having high levels of calcium and magnesium like fresh green vegetables, during the weeks before conception. They started a survey and under that they give ladies a diet rich in calcium and magnesium and 85% of them gave birth to the daughters and rest of them gave birth to sons.

Also, scientists said that if the upper mentioned diet is mixed up with potassium and sodium like potatoes and bananas then chances to give birth to son are raised but this research is not completed yet, so no surety for it. Dutch scientists are completed convinced that by following the right diet, couples have options to choose the sex of their child, But along with that some of the other factors like time of conception also plays important role in the sex of the child. To prove their fact, they spent about five years time with the 172 couples and they made the test over them who wanted a girl member in their family. The interesting thing is that their families have about 358 sons but just two daughters.

Because of scientists advice they started having veggie diet having fresh fruits and vegetables in the nine weeks before planning to conceive as it helps to increase the calcium as well as magnesium level in their bloodstream. Also, they have tablets of minerals for regular blood monitoring and had to learn their moment of peak fertility every month. After the whole trial, among the all 32 couples who completed the program, 26 mothers gave birth to the daughters and only six were have baby boys. Even Annet Noorlander, who is a biologist with firm gender consult, says in Daily Mail, “People now know that if they do everything we have suggested, their chances of having a girl will improve dramatically.” He also said that this method was just an experiment but after the research it is been proven. Even their company also made experiments with the teams of Delft and Maastricht universities. So, have the calcium and magnesium rich diet if you wanna have a baby girl.

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