Cough or Kaas Roga

The condition in which praana vayu (air of breathing) which comes out of the mouth suddenly with expectoration and produces a loud noise as from a cracked bell-metal vessel, is called as cough.


1.    Over-exposure to smoke as also to dust particles.

2.    Excessively body exercise

3.    Intake of dry and non-fatty food.

4.    Entry of food into wrong passage

5.    Suppression of the natural urges like sneezing etc.

All the above factors vitiate the praana vaayu and produces cough.


1.    Vaataj Kaas

2.    Pittaj Kaas

3.    Kaphaj Kaas

4.    Traumatic Kaas

5.    Consumptional Kaas

If ignored, all of them would eventually lead to consumption; the succeeding ones are more serious than the previous ones.

Premonitary Symptoms:

During the prodromal stage, one feels as if his oropharyngeal region is full of bristles; there is an itching sensation in the throat as well as difficulty in swallowing the food.

Clinical Features:

Vaataj Kaas:

1.    Pain in precordial and temporal regions, head, abdomen and the flanks.

2.    Anxious appearance of the face

3.    Loss of strength, voice and vitality.

4.    Bouts of cough are continuous, the voice is hoarse and the cough is dry in vaataj type.

Pittaj Kaas:

1.    The patient suffering from the pittaj kaas has a burning sensation in the chest.

2.    Fever

3.    Dryness of the mouth

4.    Bitter taste in mouth.

5.    Thirst

6.    He brings our yellow and bilious vomitus.

7.    There is a pallor and burning sensation all over the body.

Kaphaj Kaas:

1.    Stickiness in the oral cavity.

2.    Headache is normally present.

3.    Excess of kapha in the body.

4.    Loss of appetite.

5.    A feeling of heaviness in the body.

6.    Itching sensation

7.    Severe bouts of cough with a thick expectoration.

Kshataj Kaas (Due to trauma):

When a person, due to excessive sexual intercourse, carrying heavy loads, walking long distances and fighting with horses, elephants and stronger opponents becomes dehydrated, he develops pulmonary lesions; vaayu subsequently becomes predominant and produces cough. During the initial stage, he has an unproductive cough, followed by haemoptysis associated with a severe pain in the throat and the chest.

He suffers from pricking pain as if being pierced by sharp needles, hyperaesthesia due to pain, a feeling of dismemberment, a burning sensation, pain in the joints, fever, dyspnoea, thirst and hoarseness of voice and produces a sound like cooing of pigeons during attacks of cough of kshataj origin.

Consumptive Cough (Kshayaj Kaas):

1.    Bodyache

2.    Fever

3.    Burning Sensation

4.    Attacks of fainting

5.    Loss of vitality

6.    Emaciation

7.    Weakness

8.    Wasting of muscles

9.    Expectoration of blood with pus

10.  All the features of vitiation of all three doshas are present, hence it is very difficult to cure.

Prognosis of Cough:

The consumptive cough, occurring in the emaciated people, destroys their body; it may be curable or else relievable only in strong persons. The kshataj cough also has the same prognosis.

The first three varieties of cough are curable and should be given treatment.

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