Common Myths about Baby Acne

Pimples or acne is leading problem faced by mostly teenagers all over the world, but there is no need to surprise if you heard about baby acne. The scientific name of the Baby acne is neonatal acne or another name is acne neonatorum. Most of the newborn babies face this condition. About 20% of newborn babies suffer from the situation. Some red bumps or pimples appear over the baby’s forehead, scalp and generally over cheeks. Skin becomes rough and has pustules whiteheads. Blackheads are also an indication of presence of baby acne.

As you know that from the pregnancy till birth a lady has to face too many situations and also there are lots of free advisers who spread their knowledge, but most of them only gave birth to myths and some of the such kinds of myths also attached with the baby acne. Most common ones are given below:

Myth1 – There is no difference between the baby acne or in teenage or infantile acne.

Truth- Truth is completely different from the myth as there is no similarity between the baby acne or in infantile acne. Infantile acne affects the baby when he/she becomes three months old. Similarly, teenage acne also attacks the people who are going through the adulthood. Actually, baby acne occurs because of the hormonal transfer that a baby get from the mother and acne disappears automatically when he becomes about 6 months old.

Myth2 – Poor hygiene and nursing gives way to baby acne.

Truth- Actually, baby acne caused by the hormonal release by the mother during the pregnancy period. These are absorbed by the placenta and they play an important role in developing fetus at the last stage of pregnancy. These hormones stimulate the oil glands present in the baby skin and so cause baby acne. Even the symptoms appear when the baby’s skin reacts to the irritants such as detergents that is left behind either in his clothes or in bedding. For example, increase of flow of blood in the skin may make the baby hot or active. So, it can intensify the symptoms of baby acne.

Myth3 – Baby acne can occur at any time at during the childhood period.

Truth- Truth is that baby acne occurs when a baby becomes 3-4 weeks old. Even in some cases, babies exhibit the signs of baby acne at the birth time. Slowly and gradually symptoms disappear when the baby reaches around the 4-6 months of age.

Myth 4- Treatment is must for baby acne as it is a very serious condition.

Truth- This is a myth and so far from the truth. As the baby acne is harmless and so does not require any special treatment. Symptoms generally disappear by the time slowly in a few weeks. Generally due to myth parents used to apply creams or lotions over the acnes but application of creams and lotions may worsen the symptoms. So, it is suggested not to apply them over the soft and sensitive skin of a child. Gently, wash the face of the child on a daily basis. Use water and baby soap for the purpose as it can alleviate the symptoms.

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