Beware of Your Computer, Woman!

imagesDo you know that according to latest searches it has been proved that computers are responsible for accelerating aging in women. Today it is the age of digital technology and science. We don’t mind spending so many hours on our PC’s but we don’t realize that this can give way to what which is known as “computer face”. This has been an increasing phenomenon as a lot of women spend so many hours in front of computer. After U.K study by British cosmetic surgeon, the fact has been proved. Women who sit in front of your computer screens for long hours invites problems like sagging jowls as you sit in one position for long hours.

Women don’t realize and they even concentrate so hard that they end up frowning most of the times. So many working women found deep frown lines on their forehead and even wrinkles around the eyes area but do you know who is behind this. Another problem which is commonly found in working woman is “Turtle Neck” or second neck because of looking over the screen for long time. The neck muscles start becoming short and saggy because of looking for long over screen and so it adds up to 10 years of a woman’s actual age. Today lots of women are choosing the option of cosmetic surgery to lift their faces or for neck lift but if you live in world of computers then how can you get rid of the problem completely but you can opt for some precautions while working on PC as you can do the following mentioned things.

1. Move the shoulders in regular intervals.

2. Don’t stare the screen for long hours.

3. Get up from chair and take a stroll around.

4. Try to move the muscles after every half an hour.

5. Try not to slouch in front of the screen.

6. Move the face muscles if you feel that you have had the same expression for long time.

7. Shift and adjust the body while sitting in your chair.

Expert Advice– A famous cosmetic surgeon says that sitting in front of computer for long time will end up in skin damage and gives way to lots of other problems. If a lady sit in a position for long time then it end up spoiling her posture. Also, strain the eyes for long time, no shoulder or neck movements can also prove harmful. For the purpose you need to take small breaks from work. You can also go and take the glass of water yourself in place of asking that from peon as it will prove good exercise as you can move the muscles by doing this. Also, main reasons of changes in skin are expressions that we give while working over computer and the electromagnetic waves that come from the computer screen. The lines took place because you seriously engrossed in work and we don’t bother about our facial expressions. The electromagnetic radiation affects the pores of the skin. So, for avoiding this you have to wash the face using the computer and apply the moisturizer and give a gentle massage.

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