How to Stop Bedwetting: Causes and Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

Best Solutions to Beat BedwettingBed wetting as you can guess by the name that it is a problem when the patient wet the bed. The problem is also known as nocturnal enuresis or urinary incontinence. The problem is much popular with young children and toddlers. This problem develops as the child puts forward steps in age. About 2% of cases of bed-wetting are taking place because of underlying diseases. This problem is not so major, but there are some requirements of the patient and that are supportive and understanding. If parents provide these two to the child, then they can help their children to get rid of the problem.

What Causes Your Child to Wet the Bed

Here are some of the reasons which are described as causes of bed wetting. The problem of bed wetting can be divided in two categories. First one is primary bed wetting and the second one is bed wetting. The first, primary bed wetting is a normal part of the development process of a child. This part subsides to a bid with parents’ efforts. It is duty of child to teach the child toilet manners and it should even follow in the developmental age of the child.

Usually children don’t care of the urinary clearance; they forcefully hold back the urination during the day and are busy in playing and other things, which can result as bed wetting at night. Also, another thing is that child hold urine for whole night and become fail to wake up when his/her bladder is full. Also, urine production becomes high in the evening and also at night and if the child has poor toilet habits then it results in bed wetting.

On the other hand, secondary bed wetting is characterized by sudden bed wetting after going dry for even 6-7 months. This is a symptom of a serious physical and emotional problem. This stage usually associated with urinary tract infection and juvenile diabetes. Some of the other causes that can trigger the problem of bed wetting are sleep apnea, emotional stress, anatomical defect, neurological problem and chronic constipation. Some of the recent studies said that it is a hereditary problem and runs from parents to children. If one of the parents of the child has the problem it is possible that the child has the problem of bed wetting but if the child has hereditary bed wetting then it can stop when the child grows up. Also, boys are prone to the problem as compared to girls.

Best Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

If your child has a bed wetting then it can be an indication of underlying diseases which stops naturally when the child put step in advancing age. You have to give child toilet training, but you must not rigid about the training. You can timely recall your child to empty the bladder. Follow bedtime rituals that ask your child to empty bladder before going to bed. Offer liquid beverages and fluid at least two hours before going to bed. Maintain a routine for a toilet that will help the child to overcome from the problem of bed wetting. If your child is terribly upset with the problem of bed wetting then you must consult the physician.

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