Baby Acne

Acne has become one of the most common problems faced by teens as well as adults. Acne in babies is heard very less but this is true that acne occurs in babies and the reason behind this problem is hormones which are transferred from mother to baby. It can also appear due to breastfeeding. It stays for short periods and generally disappears when the baby becomes 5-6 months old.

What is Baby Acne?

One must have to care for Newborn baby as he is very sensitive at that time. Also, baby can also be born with some rashes over skin and some babies also develop a number of rashes after some time. Their faces have some red bumps and these are called baby acne. This is a very common condition and there is no need to worry too much. Generally baby acne appears when baby is 3-4 weeks and old and it stays till he is about 4-5 months old.


Skin of the baby is at its peak when the skin is irritated or when baby is fussy or hot. Red bumps appear over the cheek area and some other common areas can be chin and forehead. Also, in any case if the baby’s skin is becoming wet due to any reason like milk, saliva or spit-up then the condition can change it’s face to worse.


The baby acne presents itself as whiteheads that are surrounded by the skin. They are generally of red color, irritated and even be inflamed. The outbreaks of these red acnes get really aggravated if the baby is hot and even the skin is irritated. Thus, as a result the condition becomes very painful. The most powerful irritants in this condition are strong chemical products and detergent.


The last month of pregnancy was full of activity as mom passes on to baby. Lots of hormonal changes take place at that time and baby got that from mom in the womb and also through the breast milk after birth. Since the baby is not producing these levels of hormones by itself, once you have completed breast feeding, it came out of the system and acne will definitely clear up then.


This condition is so common and that is the reason it is very difficult to prevent from that. Also, this is sure that acne took place only for some time and will be in the memory after some time. When baby becomes 6 months old, the oil glands will disappear and you will not see the acne again.


As the acne disappears after some time, so there is no need to treat them. The best is to leave them as they are. Some topical remedies and vigorous washing can result in irritation of skin so better not to try them. The thing you can do is that cleanse the baby’s face on a daily basis with a gentle cleanser. No oils and lotions can help at that time, but it can aggravate the condition. Watch them patiently as they are just for a few weeks or a month and after that your baby will be free of them automatically.

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